8 Characters : 6 Males 2 Females

Male. 50 and up. He is prone to getting irritated easily…especially by his arch-nemesis, the Devil

Male. Late 30’s. He loves what he does.┬áMust have the ability to do other voices both male and female.

Jack Hendricks
Male. Late 40’s. Husband and father. A devout church-going Roman Catholic. Jack has trouble adapting to life when things go haywire.

Camille Hendricks
Female. Early 40’s. Wife and mother. An attractive strong-willed woman with a hidden wild side.

Ellen Hendricks
Female. Daughter. Senior in high school. Loves music, boys, concerts and everything that goes with that age.

Brick Hendricks
Male. Son. College boy, good looking but staggeringly stupid. He fancies himself a preacher.

Father Bob
Male. Early 50’s. Catholic priest who talks a good game, but you wonder if he buys it all.

Male. Late 30’s. Camille’s younger brother and a very lapsed Catholic.